Trinity Lamp Post

Trinity Lamp Post

Naturally elegant, sturdy and crafted to last, the Trinity Lamp Post adds an attractive accent to any yard, with all of the beauty of natural wood, people won’t guess it’s actually crafted from a long lasting, maintenance free mixture of vinyl and recycled wood.

Easy to install, with a universal 3” collar allowing either a hardwired or a solar lamp to be added the trinity lamp post is a fashionable choice in any setting.

Best of all, we cover our lamp posts with an industry-first lifetime warranty!

NOTE: As with any product containing wood fibre, we expect the colour to season over time.


Item Code: VA94432
Approx. Time Commitment: 1 person, 2-3 hours
Posts: 5 x 5
Color: Cedar
Number of Boxes: 1
Product Spec Document: View Document