Stalwart IS Anti-Ram Barrier With High Security Steel Fence

Stalwart IS Anti-Ram Barrier With High Security Steel Fence


The Stalwart IS (Impasse Security) system integrates the strongest high security fence available with the most used anti-ram barrier. The Stalwart anti-crash barrier has been engineered and tested in compliance with current ASTM F2656-07 (Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers), and meets the demand for multiple vehicle threats.


Intimidating design elements of the Impasse palisade security fence portray strength and fortitude providing the best deterrent to intruders.


The Impasse framework provides a platform to incorporate various security peripherals required on high security perimeter designs. The components that define the Impasse fence framework are used to carry the anti-ram cable transforming the Impasse fence into the Stalwart IS crash fence system.

Stalwart IS Styles



The Stalwart IS Gauntlet is designed with high-tensile steel corrugated pales that rise above the topmost rail with an outward curve and terminate with a triple pointed splayed spear tip.  The outward curved pale discourages attempts to gain access by climbers.  The Gauntlet palisade fence style is optimal when requiring an anti-climb or anti-scale fence system.



The blunt, slightly rounded tip of the Stalwart IS Stronghold style offers strength where necessary, while providing safety for the general public.  The Stronghold high security fence features the same structural configurations of its high security counterparts.

Genesis Style


The Stalwart IS Trident style is made of high-tensile steel corrugated fence pales that rise above the topmost rail and terminate with a menacing triple-pointed splayed spear tip.  The Stalwart IS Security palisade fence style provides a menacing visual deterrent.