Pergola Privacy Trellis

Pergola Privacy Trellis

While attached to your pergola, the pergola trellis serves a dual purpose in your back yard oasis: it provides an excellent matrix for your prize climbers (your roses, morning glory or honeysuckle) and it provides a measure of privacy from your neighbours.

Imagine enjoying the shade of your pergola as well as the sweet smell of blossoms as they climb the trellis toward the sun! There are up to 60 cells for your plants to climb through and a sturdy middle post for added support.

We manufacture all of our products to create the look of wood without the traditional maintenance. In other words, you get the classic look of wood without the headaches. Just the occasional rinse with a garden hose is all you need to do to keep your pergola trellis looking great year after year.

The pergola trellis is covered with a lifetime guarantee: it won’t rot, warp, crack or turn an ugly yellow in the sun…for a lifetime! Our customers also enjoy lifetime technical support!


Approx. Time Commitment: ? 1 person, 3-5 hours
Posts: 3.5 x 2
Color: White
Number of Boxes: 1
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