Pass Port Commercial®Ornamental Rolling Gates

Pass Port Commercial®Ornamental Rolling Gates

PassPort Commercial Rolling Gates

Commercial & Industrial Gates

Ameristar's PassPort Sliding Roll gates come in both commercial (3/4 - inch picket) and industrial (1-inch pickets) grades depending on your fence project type.

Innovative Design

PassPort Commercial gates are an innovative roll gate system with a robust fabricated design. The PassPort roll gates 2” x 4” x 11ga. bottom rail and 2” SQ x 11ga. upright/diagonal framework enable the roll gate system to glide effortlessly across its on-grade track. The PassPort Commercial v-track gate system has 3/4” pickets on its façade to match the style of the adjacent fence system.

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PassPort Commercial Styles



Extended spear-pointed pickets provide the traditional look of Ameristar’s Classic style. One of the most popular style choices for commercial sites, Classic's timeless design, compliments virtually any landscape.



Ameristar’s Majestic style is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. The Majestic’s flush top rail gives a smooth stately look and blends well with existing landscapes.



The Genesis style offers a stately foreground with its flat-topped extended picket which is reminiscent of traditional wrought iron. For a more old world look, decorative finials such as triads or quad flares may be added.

Genesis Style


Invincible means ‘incapable of being overcome’. The outward curve of the picket makes Invincible a superior alternative to the traditional look and performance of chain link and barbed wire. Invincible is the premiere choice for commercial/ light industrial applications where security and aesthetics are a prime concer