Flat Privacy Wall

Flat Privacy Wall

If you want your pergola to offer some privacy, then the Pergola Privacy Screens are for you.

They are as beautiful as they are functional and are crafted from weather-resistant vinyl to provide a lasting solution. Each panel comes with a middle post and two sections to make a complete wall for one side of your pergola. You can affix up to three privacy panels to your pergola, depending on your desired level of privacy. The Privacy Screen comes with couplers to secure into the posts of the pergola. These couplers host the privacy screen beams, so installation is simple and flexible.

 The Privacy Wall comes with an industry-first lifetime warranty against cracking, yellowing, warping or rotting!


Approx. Time Commitment: ? 1 person, 3-5 hours
Posts: 5 x 5
Color: White
Number of Boxes: 2
Product Spec Document: View Document