Decorative Arches

Decorative Arches

Add a personalized look to your Pergola with the Decorative Arch Kit.

Containing a stunning arched design, this kit will give your Venetian, Tuscany or Luxor pergola a unique aesthetic appeal.

Each Arch Kit comes as a set of 2 and includes couplers and hardware to be able to easily affix it to your pergola. Crafted from weather-resistant vinyl, your Arch Kit will last as long as your pergola (warrantied for a lifetime) - all without the maintenance. We manufacture all of our products by molding premium, hi-grade polymers around traditional structural elements to create the classic look of wood without the traditional maintenance


Item Code: VA42023
Approx. Time Commitment: 2 people, 6-8 hours
Posts: n/a
Color: White
Number of Boxes: 2
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