Bolt Down Bracket System

Bolt Down Bracket System

If you are mounting your pergola to a wood deck or cement patio, the Pergola Bolt-Down Bracket System makes it easy! Simply measure your footprint and bolt the brackets into place. Insert 4 x 4 pressure treated wood posts (purchased separately) into the brackets and screw them in place. Slide your pergola posts over the wood posts, and screw the pergola posts into the wood. The result is a lasting installation that is safe and rigid. This mounting system was specifically designed for New England Arbors brand Pergolas. The manufacturer highly recommends that if you installing any of these vinyl pergolas to a flat surface, that you purchase this kit. The mounting system comes with 4 brackets and 16 1.5” Self Tapping Screws to fasten wood posts to Steel Post Brackets.

Important Note: DO NOT use the bolt down bracket system for installing the pergola over concrete pavers, patio stones, or interlocking bricks

Please note: Extra Materials Required

Depending on the type of installation, you will be required to purchase the following hardware:.

If mounting Pergola onto an existing concrete surface:

• 1/4” x 2 3/4” Cement Screws - Countersunk head (12)

• 3/16” Concrete drill bit. Minimum 3” long (1)

• 4x4x ?* pressure treated wood posts if using for a pergola (4) 

*(length depends on the pergola selected)

1/2” x 3 1/2“ x 12” long wood shims to “build out” posts (32)


If mounting Pergola onto a wooden or composite deck with AN ACCESSIBLE UNDERSIDE:

• 1/4” x ?” Bolts and nuts - Countersunk Head (12)

• 1/4” Washers (12) (length depends on blocking material)

• 1/4” Wood drill bit. Minimum 3” long (1)

• 4x4x ?* pressure treated wood posts if using for a pergola (4)

*(length depends on the pergola selected)

• 1/2” x 3 1/2“ x 12” long wood shims to “build out” posts (32)



Item Code: VA80205 (4 pack) VA80206 (2 pack)
Approx. Time Commitment: ?2 people, 6-8 hours
Posts: n/a
Color: Steel
Number of Boxes: 1
Product Spec Document: View Document